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Management of the Water Component in Aquatics | Original Article

Dileep Kumar S. U.*, Shoba A., in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Aquatic sports are gaining a lot of popularity and are undisputedly one of the best sporting event. The major form activities indulged in these facilities health, recreation, competition, and therapy. The main component of these structure is water and water as such is a natural compound found through various sources. Water obtained from these source cannot be taken for granted and with heightening level of pollution. Maintenance of water is the major challenge for which one has to pay a lot of attention. This paper is designed with the objective of bringing forth all essential concepts related to water which not only a swimmer, coach, a physical education teacher or management of the facility should understand but also any layman who wants to enter the water in these facilities should have the knowledge of the same. FRAME WORK OF THE PAPER: Various components of water to be maintained. Effect of variations in ph value of water. Factors influencing ph value. Testing and measuring ph value. Measures to regulate the p h value. Diseases associated with aquatics Maintenance of P H value in any aquatic facility is a major challenge for any facilitator, but if not maintained correctly it may lead to many infectious diseases health issues and hampered performance since the people who use these facilities are the one who suffer if water is not maintained. Hence they have to be educated and enlightened in this regard.