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Security Architecture for Cloud Computing | Original Article

(Dr.) S. S. Sarangdevot*, Neeraj Bhargava, Pooran Singh, Mandeep Kaur, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Cloud computing has formed the conceptual and infrastructural basis for tomorrow’s computing. The global computing infrastructure is rapidly moving towards cloud based architecture. In this chapter, we describe various service and deployment models of cloud computing and identify major challenges. In particular, we discuss critical challenges: regulatory, security and privacy issues in cloud computing. Cloud computing continues to increase in popularity. ‘It’s a long-running trend with a far-out horizon. But among big meta trends, cloud computing is the hardest. According to Gartner, while the hype grew exponentially during 2008 and continued since, it is clear that there is a major shift towards the cloud computing model and that the benefits may be substantial (Gartner Hype-Cycle, 2012). Some solutions to mitigate these challenges are also proposed along with a brief presentation on the future trends in cloud computing deployment.