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Comparative Analysis of Reactive, Proactive Hybrid (MANET) Protocols & Security Issues | Original Article

Paramjeet Singh*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


A computer Network is a methodology by which the two or more end users can connect in order to data sharing. To setup a network three main needs are – 1. Computers, 2. Connecting Media, 3. Protocol. In 1990’s the ad-hoc network comes into light. A Mobile ad hoc network is a group of nodes that are capable of changing their location dynamically but still they can communicate, There is no need of centralized device in order to coordinate the other nodes. These nodes are able to able to perform routing also. The applications of MANET nowadays are used in many areas like Military, Disaster Management, Mining, Event Management, Sensor Network, Money making zone, Medical tune etc. The efficiency and flexibility of MANET in completely based on Protocols. Protocols are set of predefined rules, many routing protocols use in MANET. Mobile ad hoc network has several loop holes by which the attack in MANET is possible. There are many advantages of MANET but attacks are also possible. In this project we will throws light on scenario based comparative analysis of MANET Protocols and security issues.