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Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of Cement by Glass Powder and Coarse Aggregate by Waste Plastics in M25 Grade Concrete | Original Article

V. Chandra Kiran*, G. Srikanth, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Now a days infrastructure is developing day to day which leads to consumption of concrete materials like cement, Fine aggregate, coarse aggregate increases. Cement play an important role in manufacturing of concrete. The global cement industry contributes about 7% of greenhouse gas emission to the earth’s atmosphere. In order to address environmental effects associated with cement manufacturing, there is a need to develop alternative binders to make concrete. A Part from cement for manufacturing of concrete the coarse aggregate constitute 40 to 50 % by weight of the concrete. This lead to increase the cost of the concrete. To reduce the cost an alternate materials are used . A healthy and sustainable reuse of plastics and glass offers a host of advantages.. Tests will be conducted to determine the properties of plastic aggregate. In this Study we have casted M25 Grade concrete replacing partially the cement with glass powder and a coarse plastic aggregate at a various percentages (2.5% +5% , 2.5%+10% , 2.5% + 15% , 5% +5% ,5%+10% ,5%+15% , 7.5%+5% ,7.5%+10%,7.5%+15% ). The percentage substitution that gave higher compressive strength. Has been noted after testing M25 grade concrete samples under compressive and tensile loading condition.