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An Analysis upon Various Relationship among Market Capitalization and Firm Performance: A Case Study of Indian It Sectors | Original Article

Rajan Bedi*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Capital arrangement is a vital piece of monetary development and advancement and it plays a critical part in the financial hypothesis of generation and conveyance. It is accepted that capital collection can encourage quicker rate of monetary development. The development of stock market is measured by its aggregate market capitalization. The span of the market capitalization and its development rate represent a noteworthy impact on the development and advancement of the economy (Odogunde et al. 2006). Market capitalization has ended up an all-around acknowledged marker of business valuation. It speaks to the total value of a company on the other hand stock. Market capitalization by considering the present market price, which mirrors the current value and the aggregate number of shares which mirrors the size, gives a reasonable photo of the market value of a company. The achievement or disappointment of basic choices like mergers, acquisitions what's more, takeovers has awesome effect on the value of a company. So also acknowledgment of new tasks moreover has a direction on its value.