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An Analysis of Competitiveness and Marketing Strategies of Hotel Service Quality | Original Article

Kalist Raja S. Cross*, Vijay Kulkarni, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


This review endeavors to light up the part of administration brilliance in production of agreeable visitor involvement in the hotels in India. The part of standard operation handle in the front office was likewise surveyed and its associations with administration magnificence, industry greatness and consumer loyalty were recognized. The examination found that most essential city of the hotel clients was happy with the pointers of administration incredibleness measurements of responsiveness, substantial quality, affirmation, and sympathy, unwavering quality. The explanation behind the present research was to illuminate level of organization quality and its effects on hotel guest satisfaction in India. The scientist perceived effects of organization quality. Therefore the inspiration driving this investigation was illuminating the possibility of organization quality in hotels in India. This review was arranged based after illuminating as it means to perceive and grow the change of cabin organization quality in Chennai city in India and the effects of organization level on motel buyer steadfastness.