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Human Resource and Skill Requirements in the Pharmaceuticals Sector | Original Article

Regi Samuel*, Mahesh Chandraa, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Pharmaceutical organizations are a critical part in the social insurance zone of the country. The execution of item patent in the year 2007 has prompt to solid rivalry in the worldwide market. In the time of globalization Pharmaceutical organizations should reinforce their R&D action. To survive the firm rivalry there is a requirement for compelling key wanting to meet the difficulties postured by the item patent period. On the positive side in the present setting with the accessible assets like labor, aptitude and ability the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry will in future be a real player in the worldwide Market share. In spite of the fact that, the industry can possibly turned into a noteworthy global player, it should embrace new systems, advancement and solid and viable vital arranging, In line with this the main objective of this paper is to give a light on human resource and skill requirements in the pharmaceuticals sector