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An Analysis upon Various Perspectives on the Use of ICT for Educational Development in India: Challenges and Opportunities | Original Article

Nadeem Imam*, Jitendra Sheethlani, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


One of the many challenges facing developing countries today is that of preparing their societies and governments for globalization and the information and communication revolution. Policy-makers, educationists, non-governmental organizations, academics, and ordinary citizens are increasingly concerned with the need to make their societies competitive in the emergent information economy. Globalization and innovations in technology have led to an increased use of ICTs in all sectors - and education is no exception. Uses of ICTs in education are widespread and are continually growing worldwide. It is generally believed that ICTs can empower teachers and learners, making significant contributions to learning and achievement. Of the teachers interviewed on the effectiveness of ICT in education majority of them felt that introduction and use of ICT adequately will be extremely effective in children’s learning and achievement. However, current research on the impacts of ICTs on student achievement yields few conclusive statements, pros or con, about the use of ICTs in education.