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A Comparative Study of Various Characterizations of Bacterial Enteropathogens Isolates in Diarrhea Infection in India | Original Article

Madhur Kumar Singh*, Surendra Sarsiya, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Infectious diarrhea is one of common cause of children diarrhea causing mortality and morbidity worldwide. This study was performed to identify the common bacteria and their antimicrobial susceptibility in children with diarrhea. Surveillance for a broad range of enteric pathogens is necessary to accurately predict the frequency of pathogens & potential changes in antibiotic resistance pattern. The resistance of enter pathogenic bacteria to commonly prescribed antibiotics is increasing both in developing as well as in developed countries. Resistance has emerged even to newer, more potent antimicrobial agents. The present study was therefore undertaken to report the current antibiotic resistance in common bacterial enter pathogens isolated in a tertiary care hospital in India. The Stool samples were collected from a total of 200 outdoor & indoor patients at various Govt. hospital. Bacterial pathogens were isolated & antibiotic susceptibility patterns were ascertained. For E. Coli isolates genotyping was done. The bacterial isolates were 54.5%. Isolation rates were higher in male compared to females, & in 2 years of age group. The bacterial isolation rates were EAEC 80%, ETEC 10%, EPEC 10%, S. Sonnei 0.5%.Maxium resistance were observed to Cephalothin, Ampicillin, Cefotaxime, Cephazolin. The bacterial pathogens were found to be a significant cause of diarrhea. The study highlights the need for appropriate treatment of children with diarrhea and promotion of its prevention.