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Experimental Comparative Study of RPM, Tip Speed Ratio and Exit Velocity of Horizontal Axis Two and Three Blade Micro Wind Turbine | Original Article

Rajendra Prasad Jarele*, Amit Agrawal, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In the current socio economic condition of the world power production and its method of production has become the centre of all concerned society and research industry. Producing power without pollution has become the necessity of the present power and research industry. Wind turbine has an edge over all the power producing methods but it has a dis- advantage of not being operational at low wind speed. In this research work a 60 cm blade micro wind turbine has been developed and tested for its better utility for domestic power production and for lighting purpose in remote area with low wind speed areas. A NACA – 5516 aero foil section was chosen for the development of the rotor blade of the wind turbine. Two set of rotor turbine was developed one with two blade and another with three blade and tested for the various performance aspects i.e. Tip speed ratio, cut in speed, Exit velocity, rpm, to select a better rotor for domestic wind turbine. During the test it was found that the three blade rotor blade is more sensitive to air and its cut in Air speed 1.7 m/s whereas the cut in speed for the two blade system was found to be 2.5 m/s.