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Acute Effect of Static, Dynamic and Combined Static-Dynamic Stretching On Vertical Jump Performance of Volleyball Players | Original Article

Abhishek Kumar Yadav*, Md. Ahmad Khan, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The aim of the study was to compare the acute of different stretching methods on vertical jump performance. Twelve young male volleyball players of age 18 to 21 from Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior were recruited for the study. The independent variables (stretching methods) used in the study were no stretching (NS), static stretching (SS), dynamic stretching (DS) and combined static-dynamic stretching (CSDS).General warm-up was given which was followed by experimental treatment. Treatments were randomly allocated to subjects and were performed on non-consecutive day to counter balance the order and fatigue effect the selected physiological variables respiratory rate and saturation of peripheral oxygen were used in the study. To test the significance of the mean difference Repeated Measures of Analysis of Variance (rANOVA) was used. DS and CSDS both were found to be significant with NS and SS for vertical jump performance as the p value was less than 0.05. DS and CSDS both produce better result as the mean value for DS and CSDS were greater than NS and SS. However there was no significant difference between DS and CSDS, NS and SS for vertical jump performance as the p value was greater than 0.05.So, it can be concluded that either DS or CSDS if performed prior to the vertical jump performance might help in better jump performance.