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Study on Knowledge Management for Small, Medium and Large Companies Systems | Original Article

Talasila Bharat Krishna*, R. K. Pathak, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Narrative confirmation recommends that the extensive management of Enterprise System (ES) related knowledge is basic for ES wellbeing and life span. At once where numerous ES-merchants now offering solutions to Small and Medium size organizations, this paper investigates the capacity of Small and Medium size organizations to keep up a broad knowledge management procedure. The paper investigates the asserted contrasts in the knowledge management rehearses crosswise over 27 small, medium and large organizations that had executed a market-driving ES. Results suggest that: (1) in spite of comparable knowledge creation endeavors in every one of the three organizational sizes, small organizations struggle with holding, exchanging and applying the knowledge. The review additionally uncovers that, (2) the general decency of the knowledge management process in bigger organizations remains higher than their small and medium partners.