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Design and Development of New Mulching Machine for Agriculture | Original Article

Padawal N. T.*, Mali R. D., Nandgavakar S. D., Suryavanshi Vishwas Ramdas, Umesh P. Sutar, Duradundi Sawant Badkar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This paper establishes the design and development of agricultural mulch transplanter apparatus used for covering the soil/ground to make more favourable conditions for plant growth, moisture conservation, weed control, development and efficient crop production rate. Major topics discussed are (1). History of mulching machine and plastic mulch, (2). Basic model of mulching machine, mechanism and its limitations, (3). Selection of materials, development of new mulching machine and its design, and (4). Fabrication and assembly of new mulching machine. The invention of spreading of mulching paper machine for covering the soil is chosen on the basis of technical and economic parameters, way of utilization and external economic conditions of the agricultural enterprise. This paper presents a new modified design model solution to the choice of a suitable basic model mulching machine set for spreading of polyethylene black mulch paper on soil. It has been found and developed a new mulching machine of optimum cost sturdy construction, fine finish, easy to operate for the unskilled farmer can do and poor farmer can purchase with the invention comprises novel constructions, combinations, and arrangements of components.