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Design of Crankshaft of Micro-alloy Steel by Using MATLAB for Fatigue Failure | Original Article

Ranjeet Ghule*, M. V. Kavade, G. S. Uppar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Crankshaft is one of the most critical components of an IC engine, failure of which may result in perversion and makes engine useless unless costly repairs are performed. The dynamic load and rotating system exerts repeated bending and shear stress due to torsion, which are common stresses acting on the crankshaft and mostly responsible for crankshaft fatigue failure. The fatigue strength determination plays an important role in crankshaft development considering its safety and reliable operation. Fractographic studies indicate that fatigue is the dominant mechanism of failure of the crankshaft. Micro-alloying is used in wrought steels to refine grain size during Thermo-Mechanical Controlled Processing (TMCP), with an attendant improvement in mechanical properties. The micro-alloyed steel 38MnVS6 material is used for crankshaft. In this work MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) has been used to design 4 cylinder crankshaft of 2596cc diesel engine.