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Comprehensive Study on Additives to Reduce Ash Related Issues in Biomass Combustion | Original Article

Mohammed Junaid*, N. V. Sali, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Biomass is used as fuel in power plant because of its high potential towards energy generation in a sustainable way. Exhaust of biomass fuels are less toxic substances as compared to other fuels. But some biomass fuels contain potassium which on reacting with couple of ash forming elements creates ash related problems such as slagging of heating surfaces, corrosion, agglomeration and fusion that causes some serious operational problems. In this paper, operational problems related to ash are discussed and the additives that can be used to reduce these operational problems are summarized. Additives that can be used are sulphur based, calcium based, phosphorus based and aluminium silicate based additives. These additives can reduce the effect of potassium, slagging ash deposition and ash fusion problems.