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Review of Waste Heat Recovery from Exhaust Gas of IC Engines | Original Article

Patil Amol S.*, Gharge K. S., Kawale Dinesh S., in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In this time period, world has come closer due to rapid developments of communication and transport technologies. This also results into massive growth of automobile industry which has literally flooded streets with vehicles. But with this development the field of automobile is facing challenges like fuel efficiency of IC engines and emissions. Most of the fuel energy in IC engine is lost through exhaust gases in the form of heat. If this heat is recovered then fuel efficiency of engines can be increased. This paper provides a review on research work conducted on different methods and techniques to recover exhaust waste from exhaust gases. It is observed that exhaust waste heat recovery provides high fuel efficiency but its application is only economical if it is designed and installed with great care. Use of thermoelectric generator for waste heat recovery is very simple and economical method of waste heat recovery and it can be used for many vehicles.