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Review of Nanofluid as Coolant in Automobile Radiator | Original Article

A. V. Mane*, N. V. Sali, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This paper summarizes application of nanofluid as coolant in automobile radiator cooling system. Many researchers used various types of suspended nano sized particles in base fluid which is used for improving performance of radiator. Results have shown that nanofluid gives augmentation in heat dissipation than conventional coolant. This review is focused on experimental work done using different nanofluid varying different parameters like volume concentration, inlet temperature and flow rate. Researchers have carried out analysis for optimum value of volume concentration of nanoparticle for maximum heat transfer from radiator and also mentioned effects of other parameters on performance of radiator. Various correlations are developed for calculating thermo physical properties of nanofluid. At the end conclusion is drawn from referred papers.