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Review on Numerical Simulations of Heat Transfer of Single Bubble in Nucleate Pool Boiling | Original Article

S. B. Khule*, A. R. Acharya, A. T. Pise, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Nucleate boiling phenomenon is subdivided into three parts: a small ring-shaped zone between heating wall and bubble, called as micro-region, the bubble itself, and liquid surrounding the bubble, which is referred to as macro-region. As micro-region is most important area for heat transfer therefore recently developed models put special emphasis on this region, and predicted heat transfer, bubble growth, and departure diameters of vapor bubbles for low to moderate heat fluxes as well. Due to development of numerical methods and computer technology, they provides a powerful tool to predict vapor bubble, the literature was reviewed for different numerical simulation methods, which were very effective for more understanding of bubble behavior in pool boiling.