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Analysis of Plate Type Offset Fin Compact Heat Exchanger – A Review | Original Article

Rishabh Melwanki*, S. S. Umale, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This article is a condensed overview of research work on offset strip fin (OSF) compact heat exchangers. It features a broad discussion on the application of enhanced heat transfer surfaces to offset strip fin heat exchangers. In this paper, experimental investigation on OSF, analytical model to predict the heat transfer coefficient and the friction factor of the OSFs geometry have been discussed. Also, heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of an OSF, 3D CFD analysis of OSF, effect of flow angle at inlet on f and j, effect of geometrical parameters on f and j, effect of burrs and roughness of fins on f and j have been discussed. The data reduction technique has been given to develop Fanning friction factor f and Colburn factor j. appropriate evaluations have been given which will be very helpful for designers to reasonably select OSF geometries and correctly conduct the thermo-hydraulic design of plate-fin heat exchangers.