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Process Parameter analysis of Plasma ARC Cutting for Surface Roughness and Material Removal Rate with the Help of Analysis of Variance Technique | Original Article

Ashish P. Mahajan*, Digvijay Patil, N. H. Deshpande, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This research work focuses on analyzing the process parameters of Plasma Arc Cutting of stainless steel (SS304) for surface roughness and material removal rate. The process parameters taken for this research work are torch height, arc current, arc voltage and cutting speed while response variables are material removal rate (MRR) and surface roughness. Analysis of process parameters is carried out by using ANOVA technique which is a statistical method that gives percentage contribution of each parameter on response variables. For analysis experimentation is carried out on plasma arc cutting machine in three steps. First is to make a proper experimental set up, Second step is taking pilot readings for deciding the range and level of each process parameter. Third step consist of design of orthogonal array and cutting operation according to orthogonal array. After experimentation ANOVA is carried out which gives percentage contribution of each process parameter on response variables and it is found that Arc current is most dominating parameter for surface roughness and its percentage contribution is 73.6% and cutting speed is most dominating parameter for material removal rate and its percentage contribution is 85.7%.