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Comparative Study of Mechanical Properties of Different Adhesives on Timber Bamboo | Original Article

Shubhangi M. Gondane, P. N. Belkhode, Manisha Joshi, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This study comparatively evaluated the mechanical properties of different adhesives on Bamboo species. Tensile strength, compressive strength, shear stress and bending stress of 40 Specimens of bamboo species with different adhesives were determined using a Universal testing machine and bending machine. Ten specimens were prepared with the lap joint for testing. The different adhesives are reinforcing with the bamboo species for 25 days. It was observed that the mechanical propertied of bamboo species are found to be better in the case of Asian Paints (Loctite touch) adhesive with same loading. The work is carried out on timber bamboo. A natural material which is available in bulk and ease of use in the rural areas in the developing countries is bamboo. Bamboos occur mostly in tropical and subtropical areas, from sea level to snowcapped mountain peaks, with a few species reaching into temperate areas. After some years steel reinforcement may no longer be available. Then we will have to find an alternative to steel. As bamboo being a natural material and is abundantly available in most of the part of earth it can be a replacement for steel in mechanical set ups such as the base for the machine in small sizes etc.