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Value Stream Mapping in Manufacturing Industry: A Review | Original Article

Deveshkumar S. Pandey*, B. E. Narkhede, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In today’s global competitive world, the era of mass production and push system is over. Now customer satisfaction is prime objective as they compare value of the money and the value they received from that money. They will not pay for any waste. Moreover, their demands vary and that needs to be tapped at the earliest to enjoy the first mover experience in the competitive market. Hence, Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is one of the best and most common tools of lean manufacturing to identify and eliminate wastes. Future State Value Stream Map (FVSM) helps to reduce Non-value added activity (NVAs) in a process and make a production flow efficient, effective and economic. This paper discusses methodology to implement value stream mapping and its benefits to various manufacturing industries. This paper also represents a literature review to summarize various applications of VSM. The paper concludes with highlighting VSM’s contribution to delight customers.