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Aeroplane Fuselage Design Modification to Overcome Pressure Drag Resistance | Original Article

S. A. Kalugade*, Sangram Pawar, Suraj Chavan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The design of aeroplane fuselage body is done by principle of aerofoil shape. The aeroplane main body is not in perfectly aerofoil shape rather the wings are in perfectly aerofoil shape. This increases projecting area for striking of fluid on aeroplane, which results into large drag force acting on it. This paper is related with design of external body of aeroplane, describing the use of pipes with decreasing diameter with length. When the pipe bunches are fitted on aeroplane outer body then the drag force will be reduced by greater amount and due to decreasing air diameter going through pipes from other end, acceleration of aeroplane will be created .The drag force acting on the aeroplane is equally distributed to all pipes and its effect to decelerate aeroplane is nullified to greatest amount. The total power consumption of aeroplane will be greatly reduced by implementing this arrangement.