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Analysis of Surface Roughness during Turning of AISI D2 Steel | Original Article

Prafulla B. Pawar*, Uday A. Dabade, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Main goal of Industry at present is to manufacture products with high quality at low cost. The industry has to meet the challenges of quality and productivity of machined parts during turning that too economically. This paper presents the experimental study related to the optimization of cutting parameters in turning of AISI D2 steel by coated carbide inserts using Response Surface Methodology (RSM). The RSM based Central Composite Design (CCD) is employed as an experimental design. The relationship between cutting parameters (cutting speed (m/min), feed (mm/rev) and depth of cut (mm)) and the response parameter (surface roughness (μm)) is analysed using the contour plots. The influence of each cutting parameter is studied through Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA). Cutting speed and depth of cut are found to be significant parameters for surface roughness. The interaction of cutting speed and feed is significant factor for surface roughness.