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Case Study on Improvement in Plant Layout Design | Original Article

Devashri D. Thakre*, Uday A. Dabade, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Layout problems are found in every industry with variety of types. They are known for impacting the system performance. So it is important for industries to improve the plant layout design and simultaneously take into consideration to reduce their cost and expenses involved so as to survive in the competitive world. There are number of solution techniques available to optimize plant layout design. Lots of research papers and many of literature reviews exist on these variety of techniques developed by many of researchers till now, but they are restricted to certain specific aspects of the plant layout problems. This paper will give the complete idea about the plant layout design without any specific consideration. The paper includes understanding of plant layout and its types, location problems, formulation methods of those problems, methodologies and simulation techniques. In the end complete process is summarized so that anyone interested in this area can choose best suitable technique that can be implemented to the particular case and start working on it from the basics. This paper will guide at a macro level to understand all aspect of plant layout design. Case study taken in this paper is of one of the MNC. Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) method has been applied which gives solution in terms of minimized travelling distance and reduced material handling. Analysis of previously designed layout and final layout came out of Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) showed that material flow throughout the plant area is reduced by 38.2% and additional 70 square meters of area is created for kitting.