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Continuous Improvement of Automobile Engine Assembly Line: A Review and Case Study | Original Article

Amol B. Sonawane*, Uday A. Dabade, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Currently manufacturing industries are facing a greater competition in the market. Due to this competition industries are trying to improve and increase both quality and productivity continuously. Continuous improvement is well known method for improving an organisation step by step. Many automobile organizations have realized the need to improve the quality of products & services to be a competitive opponent. To remain competitive in changing environment, these organizations have to develop new methodologies and remain flexible at the same time so that they can respond to the new demands. Organisations over the years have done continuous improvement as a necessity for staying competitive. Continuous improvement helps to streamline workflow. The main objective of this study is to find out the major breakdowns causing production losses to the company and to suggest counter measures by which these problems can be reduced. For this root cause analysis is conducted to find the root cause of breakdowns and some parallel improvement opportunities also identified for implementation so as to reduce the downtime. In this paper focus is given on review of recent research related to continuous improvement of automobile engine assembly line and a case study of automotive industry is considered for the study.