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Wear Analysis of Aluminium - Zinc Alloys under Dry Lubrication | Original Article

Gaurav L. Deshpande*, S. A. Sonawane, K. V. Nemade, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In this study, the effect of applied load, sliding time and sliding velocity on the wear and frictional behaviour of Aluminium Zinc and its three alloys is studied. These alloys consist of Cu, Mn, and Si, containing Al-Zn-Cu-Mn-Si (0-5%). Experiments were carried out by using a single pin type on disc machine with design of experiment based on taguchi approach and L9 array. The specific pressure applied i.e. applied load is the most significant parameter followed by the sliding velocity. Material Al-Zn-Cu-Mn-Si (2.5%) gives the best friction performance and can be considered as a good tribo material from friction point view.