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Numerical Modeling and Analytical Verification for Evaluating Performance of RF- Microelectromechanical Switches | Original Article

V. B. Sawant*, Ramesh More, S. S. Mohite, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In this paper, we report numerical modeling with analytical verification of Radio Frequency Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (RF-MEMS) switch consisting of micro cantilevers which are actuated electrostatically. During the micro-fabrication process of the RF-MEMS switch, various stresses are induced within the micro-structure thereby deteriorating its static and dynamic performance. First analytical modelling of cantilever micro-beams is presented with varying geometrical parameters. The important design variables affecting the RF-MEMS switch are the length, width, and thickness of micro-cantilever beam with output as deflection, natural frequency and quality factor. After evaluating both analytical and simulated results, a good conformity is found between them for the micro-cantilever type of switch specimens. The modelling of device performance, based on the effects of device geometry would help in providing valuable insights into micro-fabrication process.