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Review on Different Techniques to Reduce and Detect Knock and Misfire | Original Article

Avinash M. Patil*, Mahesh V. Mane, Nikhil S. Mane, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The improvement in performance of IC engine with reduction in exhaust emissions at the same time is a very crucial task which has to undertake by researchers because of fossil fuel depletion and global warming. Different industrial and academic researchers are working on different approaches to complete this task, these approached includes alternative Biofuels, EGR, combustion chamber design variations, etc. It is also observed that efficient combustion process and controlled combustion timing also have a great impact on the efficiency and emissions of IC engines. This can be achieved by using different coatings on spark plug as well as providing variation in spark plug voltage. This work provides a review on different techniques used for reducing and detecting knock and misfire in IC engine which further also lead to reduction in emissions and improved performance of IC engines.