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Heat Transfer Characteristics of Nanofluids in Helical Coiled Tube Teat Exchanger: A Review | Original Article

Abhishek R. Sonawane*, N. V. Sali, Akshaykumar Mane, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The purpose of this review paper is to summarize the recently published papers on the heat transfer and flow characteristics of conventional fluids and nanofluids in helically coiled tube heat exchanger. The use of helical tubes in shell and tube heat exchanger has been investigated by various researchers in the previous 2-3 decades. The use of nanofluids in helical tubes has been investigated by some researchers in the recent years for finding new opportunities of enhancement in thermo-physical and hydrodynamic performance of shell and tube heat exchanger. This paper presents the experimental and analytical studies published on behaviour of nanofluid flowing through the helical tube in the literature.