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Review on Modification in Geometry of Regenerative Pump | Original Article

Rohit S. Kanase*, Ashok T. Pise, Pravin C. Garje, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Regenerative pump is one of the rotodynamic turbomachine produces high head at low flow rates. In this paper, comprehensive review is carried out to study the effect of various geometrical modification of the pump on the performance of pump. Effect of different parts and its geometrical modifications are studied. These are number of vanes, outlet and inlet angle of curved vanes, Offset angle between both sides of impeller vanes, semi-circular vane profile, straight vanes with different inclination angles, Chevron angle, aerofoil shaped vanes, impeller diameter, Variations of shape and size of channel casing. Variations of the stripper angle and stripper gap, introduction of splitter in the outlet pipe. Also the effect of these modifications on the flow visualization is studied. This review helps to design guiding and further modification in geometry of pump for performance enhancement.