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Recent Trends in Alternative Fuels – (A Review) | Original Article

Rasika Kulkarni*, Sudhakar S. Umale, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Internal combustion engines are widely used worldwide for transportation, shaft energy production, marine applications etc. The conventional fuels used in these engines such as diesel and gasoline have quantity limitations due to finite reservoirs. As I C Engines have prominent applications everywhere in the world, the need of future is to find out alternative fuels. Along with the problem of depletion, conventional fuels cause environmental pollution due to emissions as exhaust gases. Many alternative fuels have been discovered which can replace these conventional fuels. As a future trend, alternative fuels are supposed to be used in engines with certain modifications. But the effects of these renewable or, alternative fuels on pollution must be checked. This article aims to compare effects of various alternative fuels on engine emission including Hydrogen, Di Methyl Ether (DME) and Biodiesels from Karanja, Jatropha and Rapeseed oil. The results presented in this paper will show particulate matter (PM) emissions have decreased significantly with the increase of alternative fuels. The emission level varied depending on the type alternative fuels used and the engine conditions.