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Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Micro-Wire EDM Parameters in Machining of Inconel 718 | Original Article

Deepak Rajendra Unune*, Prabhav Bhavsar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Inconel 718 super alloy finds widespread applications in various industries owing to its superior properties like high strength, resistance to oxidation and corrosion at elevated temperature, and high fatigue endurance limit. However there are some inherent problems associated with machining of Inconel 718 using conventional machining processes. Therefore non-conventional machining processes such as micro-wire electric discharge machining (micro-WEDM) are becoming favourite for efficient machining of Inconel 718, especially, for micro-feature fabrication. This paper mainly presents the investigation of the effects and optimization of process parameters on Material Removal Rate (MRR) and Kerf width in micro-WEDM of Inconel 718 while fabricating micro channels. Initially the effects of three process parameters including gap voltage, capacitance, and feed rate were investigated on process performance. Then multi-objective optimization was performed using a genetic algorithm to obtain an optimum condition for maximizing the MRR and minimizing the kerf width. The experimental validation was performed to check the optimum solutions.