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Effect of Diamond Burnishing Process on Surface Roughness of AISI 4140 Alloy Steel | Original Article

Anant V. Hankare*, Amol A. Sapkal, Ashutosh A. Dounde, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This research work focuses on effect of burnishing process parameters on surface roughness. Speed (m/min), feed (mm/rev) and burnishing force (N) are considered as input process parameters while surface roughness (µm) is considered as a response variable. Analysis of process parameters is carried out by using ANOVA which is statistical method that gives percentage contribution of each parameter on response variables. Experimentation is carried out on MTAB CNC Lathe machine by using Diamond Burnishing Tool (DBT). From the ranges and levels of each process parameter, L9 Orthogonal array was designed and burnishing operation was carried out according to orthogonal array. Statistical analysis is carried out with the help of ANOVA, which gave percentage contribution of each process parameter on response variable. It is found that Burnishing force is most influencing parameter for surface roughness and its percentage contribution is 93.16%. The experiment predicted that an optimum surface finish of 0.131 µm (Ra value) can be obtained.