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Strategic Development Trends in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry | Original Article

Shashank Sharma*, Dr. G. D. Singh, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The main purpose of the paper is to research and evaluate the strategic development trends in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. We aim to find that mergers and acquisitions prevail as a vital strategic development option in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The research examines the exploratory theory that the intensive globalization process, increased competitiveness and changed structure of competitors, strongly influence the consolidation development trends in the Indian pharmaceutical industry which result in an increased number of mergers and acquisitions. The intensive consolidation of the Indian pharmaceutical industry is a market driven process and conditioned by several strategic issues, such as lack of brand new products, increased competitiveness, fast globalization process, intensive global marketing and sales activities, changed structure of competitors, fight for global market shares and customers’ loyalty. There is clear evidence that the Indian pharmaceutical industry and market are both becoming more oligopolistic and monopolistic.