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Role of Information System and Knowledge Management Iniative in Multinational Companies | Original Article

Katepalli Naveen Babu*, K. P. Yadav, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The concept of Knowledge Management (KM) is a fundamental to business world in current situation. This reality is demonstrated when we experience the present business, management, technology and organization literature. This paper provides a survey and understanding of knowledge management written works in multinational corporations. This paper provides a nitty gritty process view of organizational knowledge management with an attention on the potential part of information technology in type of Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) in different sorts of multinational corporations. Drawing upon the writing audit and examination of knowledge management processes, we talk about a few essential research issues encompassing the utilization of Knowledge Management systems in support of these procedures. The fundamental reason for this review is the arrangement of writing on Knowledge Management (KM) and to comprehend the essential ideas/key terms, customary definitions required to Knowledge Management (KM).This paper also presents different ways to deal with Knowledge Management (KM) prepare and their associations and contrasts are talked about. Toward the end we have compressed the benefits of Knowledge Management (KM).