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Role of Mobile Phones (ICT) For Rural Area Development in India | Original Article

Talasila Bharat Krishna*, R. K. Pathak, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are changing each circle of our lives. Because of huge progress in internet technologies, ICT bigly affects rural areas and rural lives. Particularly in agricultural field there is huge part of ICT in rural areas. It is additionally expected that the ICT drove expansion frameworks will go about as a key operator for farmers to get to data and share learning. Consequently, recharged excitement to utilize new ICTs for agricultural advisory administrations prompted to mushrooming of e-activity pilots in India. The trailblazers are testing inventive ICT activities exclusively for agricultural information and knowledge delivery. Not at all like different areas, is agriculture a perplexing division where a large portion of the ICT activities may not work well. The time has come to push ahead in coordinating ICTs and Information and Communication Management (ICM) in agricultural extension. One of the primary purposes behind the biased dispersion of financial picks up between the urban and the rural population is the crevice in get to information. ICT can connect this hole and subsequently prompt to diminishment in the level of destitution. Farmers can access knowledge to enhance their generation and even improve cost for their produce using assortment of ICT frameworks. In the present paper the creators made an efficient audit of the part which ICT can play in the development of rural areas in India.