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Impact of Sales Promotion Techniques on Consumers towards FMCG | Original Article

Saurabh Verma*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Sales promotion, which is one of the key components of special blend, is being utilized broadly by the marketers to contend and support the competitive advantage and thusly increase the deals by animating the consumers' purchase decision. Consumer sales promotion take up a vast share of the total marketing expenditure in spite of which it remains a range that still pulls in consideration as a key part of the promotion mix intended to build short term sales. It is accordingly not astounding that the vast majority of the marketers resort to sales promotions to pull in the contender's market share. The present paper reports the effect of sales promotion techniques on consumers towards FMCG. This study has endeavored to investigate which sales promotional techniques going to be overwhelm on personal care products in Fast Moving Consumer Goods.