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Comparative Effect of Selected Yogic Practices on Blood Sugar and Urine Sugar Levels of Diabetic Patients (Type I and II) | Original Article

Sanjeev Sakiya*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Diabetes as a health issue in India is no more confined to selected population. Today it is highly endemic among Indian populations and because of dietary habits, life style etc. With growing economic power the working middle class has changed more in this term. This as a result, health hazards from Diabetes has increased multi fold. Researcher considered this very aspect of general prescription of exercise doesn’t go well in term of prevention and control of Diabetes. Yogic exercises are easier to perform. This provided a hope for Diabetic patients. Further this enhances the function of pancreas and the secretion of insulin by beta cell. It could be revived through yogic exercises improved efficiency of insulin utilization and transportation of blood glucose. In such cases the benefit will be ultimately derived by Type-I and Type-II patients. With this understanding research scholar has conceptualized this study to experiment with three variations of comprehensive yogic exercise programmes for controlling or lowering of glucose level of Type I and Type II Diabetic patients. Researcher has himself having completed professional degree in Yoga as a specialisation provided better understanding of intricacy, better programming and planning of yogic exercises and better understanding of effect of different types of yogic exercises.