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Human Resource Contribution for Organizations Growth | Original Article

Ritu .*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Nowadays, business world is undergoing a substantial change: the employee turn-over rate becomes high, and both the organization structure and management pattern change as well. The traditional HRM style fails to catch up with such rapid changes: The traditional style mainly focuses on supportive personnel activities for a company, for example, collecting employee information, monitoring individual performance, and implementing organization policies. It is a passive, submissive execution, without self-motivated participation into strategic issue to foresee the challenges of tomorrow. Therefore, there comes a demand for the new HRM that should understand the business strategy, formulate the corresponding management strategy on human resources to improve delivered service, and act as a strategy partner with top management team. Moreover, the researchers expect that the increasing use of Human Resource Information Technology (HRIT) can improve the performance of HR professionals and makes them involved in the company internal consulting activities.