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An Analysis upon Various Developments of Cement Based Materials: A Review | Original Article

Manik Deshmukh*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Cement-based materials are widely used in the civil infrastructure. Polymers as admixtures can improve the properties, particularly in relation to water absorption reduction, toughness enhancement, vibration damping and increase of the bond strength of cement to reinforcements. Polymeric admixtures include particles, short fibers and organic liquids. Latex in the form of an aqueous particle dispersion is most common. Other than being used as admixtures, polymers are used as partial replacement of fine aggregate, for coating, sealing and repairing concrete and for coating steel reinforcing bars for corrosion protection. The properties of the designed composites, including the flowability and relative viscosity in fresh state, and the porosity, strength and thermal properties in hardened state are investigated. The porosity of the developed composites is studied by both modeling and experiments. Results indicate that there is a certain amount of closed internal LWA pores in the composites, which contributes positively to a better thermal insulation property. The developed composites have a low thermal conductivity while still retaining sufficient strength. Therefore, the designed composite can be used monolithically as both load-bearing element and thermal insulator.