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A Study of Text Mining for Web Information Retrieval System | Original Article

A. Sindhu*, C. A. Kanabar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Text Information Retrieval is also known as text data mining or knowledge discovery from textual databases refers to the method of extracting interesting and non-trivial form or information from text documents. Consider by many as the next signal of knowledge discovery, text Information Retrieval has very elevated commercial principles. Previous calculate reveals that there are many modern companies present products for text Information Retrieval. Has text Information Retrieval developed so quickly to become a grown-up field? This paper attempts to discard some lights to the query. We first present a text Information Retrieval framework consisting of two components: Text cleansing that converts shapeless text documents into a middle form; and knowledge refinement that deduces patterns or knowledge from the middle form. We then study the state of the art text Information Retrieval products or applications and align them based on the text and knowledge cleansing functions as well as the middle form that they accept. In ending, we show up the upcoming challenges of text Information Retrieval.