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Study on Vehicle Tracking System: An Anti-Theft System for Vehicle Security | Original Article

Kamal Upreti*, Arvind Kumar Sharma, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The information received from the vehicle will be shown on a Graphic planned framework; the GPS of the vehicle shown on a Google earth map. A proficient and executed for following vehicle from any area at great utilization of a mainstream application with a microcontroller reasonable contrasted with works utilizing Global Positioning for portable correspondence (GSM/GPRS) innovation for vehicle following, whose position is to be microcontroller is utilized to modules. The vehicle following geographic directions GSM/GPRS module is utilized area to a database. Produced for constantly Google Maps API is utilized to Smartphone application. Screen a moving vehicle application and decide the vehicle to touch base at a possibility and viability trial consequences of the vehicle following system and some experiences on practical implementations.