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A Geographical Study of Environment and Sustainable Development | Original Article

Tej Parkash*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This paper deals with the concept of Environmental Sustainability which is the need of hour. In the world of economic development intelligent management of natural resources is an appreciable step. Environmental Sustainability aims at ensuring the protection, conservation and better management of Earth’s natural resources. It aims at such a pattern of use, that resources are neither exhausted nor polluted nor destroyed. All natural ecosystems are characterized by four qualities. These are complexity, stability, diversity and resilience. If any of these characteristics are weakened, the system collapses. The quality of human life is inseparable from the quality of the environment. Both are inseparable from the questions of human members and concentrations. Its aim is four fold : Environmental protection, Rehabilitation and restoration of degraded ecosystems, Augmentation of the carrying capacity of both natural and human managed ecosystems, Creation, expansion and development of new ecosystem, both minor and major.