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An Analysis upon Various Perspective of Organizational Behavior in Human Resources System | Original Article

Ajay Tyagi*, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Organisations are created generally to achieve a goal or set of goals, as a result, employ the services of human who manage the resources of the organisation towards the achievement of this goal(s). In the course achieving these goals, there evolves a pattern or way of behaviour which is accepted and is manifested when workers are discharging their responsibilities. It is in line with the above assertion that this paper aims at studying the impact of organisational behaviour on human resource management in India. The research paper approach adopted for the study conforms to qualitative research, as it reviews the literature relating to organisational behaviour and human resource management. Finally the study recommended among other things that management as well as the staff of organisations should imbibe an orientation and culture which views an organisational as a structure established to develop the workers(individually and collectively), and also improve the lives of members of the society.