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A Study on the Properties of Soil by Using Bacterial Culture | Original Article

Vishal Arora*, Manoj Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In recent years high rapid development of infrastructures in metro cities of useful land and compelled the engineers to improve the properties of soil to be the load transferred by the infrastructure, ex: Buildings, bridges, roadways etc. The soil improvement is continuously increasing using different methods to improve the mechanical properties of different type of soil, such as black cotton, red alluvial, murum and sand. The methods of treating soil with chemical and cement grout are used widely in geotechnical projects. The chemical and cement utilized alter the subsurface pH level and hinders groundwater flow. To overcome their effect, more sustainable method is the need of the hour. Hence, an attempt has been made to use of microorganisms, nutrients, and biological processes naturally present in subsurface soils to improve the engineering properties of soil in sustainable way. The calcite precipitation was achieved using the microorganism Bacillus Pasteurii (NCIB8841 or NCIM2477), an aerobic bacterium pervasive in natural soil deposits.