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Study on Security and Privacy Issues in Cloud Computing | Original Article

Nalin Chandra Jha*, S. Chaudhary, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Cloud computing changes the way data technology (IT) is devoured and overseen, promising enhanced cost efficiencies, quickened development, quicker time-to-showcase, and the capacity to scale applications on request. In any case, as the state of the cloud computing is rising and growing quickly both adroitly and in all actuality, the lawful/legally binding, monetary, benefit quality, interoperability, security and protection issues still stance noteworthy difficulties. In this section, we portray different administration and arrangement models of cloud computing and recognize significant difficulties. Specifically, we talk about three basic difficulties: administrative, security and protection issues in cloud computing. A few answers for relieve these difficulties are likewise proposed alongside a short introduction on the future patterns in cloud computing organization.