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RF Interconnects, Embedded, Passive, Component, Modeling, RF System, Package, Research Center, Developing, SOP, Achieve, Performance, Technologies, Network. | Original Article

Kantharao Boggarapu Mallaiah*, Rakesh Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The Packaging Research Center has been creating cutting edge system on-a package (SOP) technology with RF Interconnects, and optical system combination on a single package. SOP aims to use the best of on chip SOC coordination and bundle reconciliation to accomplish most astounding system performance at the lowest cost. The microminiaturized multifunctional SOP package is exceptionally incorporated and manufactured on extensive range substrates like the wafer to-IC concept. Notwithstanding novel blended signal design techniques, SOP research at PRC is focused at creating enabling technologies for bundle level coordination including ultra-high thickness wiring, embedded passive components, embedded optical interconnects, wafer level bundling and fine pitch gathering. A few of these enabling technologies have been as of late coordinated into the main successful system level showing of SOP technology utilizing the Intelligent Network Communicator (INC) test bed. This paper gives an account of the most recent INC and SOP test bed comes about at the PRC and gives knowledge into the future SOP incorporation procedure for merged microsystems. The concentrate of this paper is on incorporation of materials, procedures and structures in a single package substrate for System on-a Package (SOP) implementation.