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Electrical Conductivity and Dielectric Studies of Various Glaserite Crystals: A Review | Original Article

Sanjeev Kumar Sajjan*, Sanjay Rathore, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The electrical conductivity mechanism is proposed as due to hopping of highly mobile charge carriers. Frequency dependent conductivity studies reveal the hopping mechanism in these crystals which obeys Jonschers power law. Electrical conductivity and dielectric studies of three glaserite crystals (Ferroelastic) namely Tripotassium sodium disulphate ((K3Na (SO4)2 or KNS), Tripotassium sodium dichromate ((K3Na (CrO4)2 or KNCr) and Tripotassium sodium diselinate ((K3Na (SeO4)2 or KNSe) were investigated along the crystallographic axes in the temperature region from 303 K to 430 K. Ferroelastic crystals has potential applications in electromodulators, ferroelastic grating and many others. Moreover the ferroelastic crystals under investigation are stable and have high melting point.