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A Framework of SDML Based Reusable Web Page for Semantic Web | Original Article

Herald Noronha*, Vijay Prakash Agrawal, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Web based development demands not only quick and reliable web page designing but also designing must be reusable. Generally, lot of developer time and efforts are used in developing solutions for difficult, time consuming and complex web based systems. One of the solutions is the web based designs document. Design process takes maximum time and efforts and is never reused in the future. Reusability is achieved up to some level in coding practices like OOPs, Component based developments, Active-X, technology, where a piece of written code is reused after passing through few checks for non-discloser of the blueprints of the solution. In present paper an attempt has been made to addresses the methodology for achieving the web page design reusability of a qualitative web based system and effort minimization by applying the inference on the stored design documents.